American Politics Experts

American Politics Experts

Globelynx experts available for interviews throughout the campaign

Trevor McCrisken

Warwick University
US Politics and International Studies

An expert US foreign policy, culture and politics. Trevor's areas of particular interest consist of: the use of the US military force and the '...

Mark Shackleton

Lancaster University
Professor of Finance

Mark writes on financial options, operational flexibility, market volatility, mortgages, house prices and investments particularly in the area of...

Dr Lindsay Newman

IHS Markit (London)
N.America Political Risk

Lindsay holds a PhD in Politics from New York University. She also qualified as a lawyer at NYU, where she received her juris doctor (JD) degree...

Christopher Phelps

Nottingham University
Associate Professor American History

A historian of modern American political and intellectual life, Christopher's areas of research includes American political history and elections...

John Raines

IHS Markit (London)
US Political Analyst

US political analyst at Janes with a focus on the risk implications of elections and a change of Presidency.

Georg Lofflmann

Warwick University
American Politics

Georg joined the Political and International Studies department as a US Foreign Policy and American Political expert. His knowledge also extends...

Professor Peter Ling

Nottingham University
American History

An American history expert who is available to speak on African American history and non-violence and social justice. He has published previous...

Todd Landman

Nottingham University
Professor of Political Science

An expert in Democracy and its development, Todd is the Pro-Vice Chancellor at Nottingham with responsibilty for the Faculty of Social Sciences...

Simon Evenett

St.Gallen University
International Trade and Development

A former World Bank official and free trade expert, Simon is Director of Global Trade Alert. He focuses on competition in emerging markets,...

Dr Gina Yannitell Reinhardt

University of Essex

Extensive national tv and radio experience. An American, Dr Gina Yannitell Reinhardt is a new addition to our Department of Government. Gina’s...

Professor Natasha Lindstaedt

University of Essex
Department of Government

Extensive national tv and radio experience. An American, Professor Natasha Lindstaedt (formerly Ezrow) is a leading authority on dictatorships,...

Dr Richard Johnson

Lancaster University
US Politics and International Relations

Dr. Johnson is an expert in US politics, campaign strategies, party politics & elections.  His research focuses...

Dr Robert Gutsche

Lancaster University
US Media & Politics

Dr Robert E Gutsche Jr is Senior Lecturer in Critical Digital Media Practice at Lancaster University (UK). Gutsche has been a journalist in the...

Dr Jonathan Parker

Keele University
Senior Lecturer in Politics

Dr Jonathan Parker is a senior lecturer in politics. His main research interests are in public policy (particularly education) and American...

John Jordan

Jordan Vineyard & Winery
Republican Strategist

John is an American Republican strategist, former Naval Intelligence Officer, and a GOP Insider based in California. Described by the Los Angeles...

Mark Shanahan

Reading University
Politics and International Relations

Research areas include US government and the celebritization of American political culture from Eisenhower to Trump (and beyond); the role of...

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