In most cases no. Many Globelynx installations are located in open plan trading floors or offices which make for a dynamic backdrop. However some clients prefer to use a dedicated room with a branded backdrop. Our systems are flexible and can be adapted to suit your space and budget

Yes. Our cameras are simple to use and do not require an engineer. Easy to follow instructions are attached to each camera.

We can supply various options to enable recording direct from your camera onto a PC or uploading interviews to an editing website. We can also advise on how to interface your Globelynx system to create webcasts and other marketing material.

All UK television networks and most major television networks worldwide. We also serve a growing number of online broadcasters.

A cost effective way of arranging live, HD down the line interviews at a flat fee for each 15 minutes.

No need to send production crews and support vehicles to your desired sites.

Instant and easy to use live 24/7 camera booking system.

24/7 manned MCR with support and rapid response to technical issues.

Updated database of available cameras and experts.

Once you have provided your details you can book your first interview within an hour.

We cover a wide range of subjects with cameras at financial institutions, universities, newspapers and other businesses. Everything from weather to warfare, exchange rates to ebola.

You can search by language on our ‘Explained by Experts’ page. Languages on offer include

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Greek.

Please contact them via their organisation’s press office. All contact details are attached to the expert’s entry in our database.

To sign up to email alerts please contact us direct mail@globelynx.com specifying whether you are interested in General or Business news.

Go to the booking page go to the Amend Booking tab.

Click on the booking you wish to change. Modify the relevant details.

When a booking is cancelled or amended confirmation emails are automatically sent to all recipients of the original booking.

Go to the bookings page and select the Cancel Booking tab.

Select the booking you wish to cancel.

Once you tick and submit the cancelled booking, an acknowledgement will appear.
When a booking is cancelled or amended confirmation emails are automatically sent to all recipients of the original booking.

Globelynx reserves the right, at its discretion, to make a cancellation charge where a booking has been cancelled less than 30 minutes before its start time, particularly when this has prevented another broadcaster from making a booking to the same camera.

If you can’t find the answer to your query contact us at support@globelynx.com

‘Explained by Experts’