German Election Experts

German Election Experts

Jochen Stanzl

Chief Market Analyst

With an expertise covering macro analysys, foreign exchange movements, bonds, commodites and stock market indicies, Jochen is available for...

Wolfgang Kuhn

Head of European Fixed Income

Wolfgang is an expert on UK and European economics. He can explain UK stories to a German audience and vice versa. He joined Aberdeen in 2006...

Tim Urquhart

Senior Market Analyst - Europe

Within the topic of automotive industries, Urquhart specializes in Germany, Russia and the Eastern European region and as well as the German OEMs...

Peter Schaffrik

Head of European Economics and Interest Rate Strategy

Peter has experience working for major banks in the UK and in his native Germany. Peter has more than 10 years experience as a sell side analyst...

Jan Gerhard

European Senior Analyst

Jan is responsible for the analysis of the political, security, and business environment in Western Europe with a particular focus on country...

Bridget Gandy

Co-head of Fitch Ratings' EMEA Financial Institution

Bridget directs Fitch's regional coverage of banks in Germany, Switzerland and other Central and Eastern Europe countries. She also previously...

Dr Klaus Dingwerth

Global Governance

A political scientist, Klaus is also a non-reisdent fellow with the Global Public Policy Institute. He has regularly contributed to media in the...

Georg Lofflmann

American Politics

Georg joined the Political and International Studies department as a US Foreign Policy and American Political expert. His knowledge also extends...

Claus Vistesen

Chief Eurozone Economist

Chief Eurozone Economist at independent research firm, Pantheon Macroeconomics. Claus's focus is on the Zone as a whole and the key individual...

Josie Cox

European Markets Reporter

Josie covers European markets from the Wall Street Journal’s London bureau. Previously she worked at Thomson Reuters’ in London and Frankfurt,...

Todd Landman

Professor of Political Science

An expert in Democracy and its development, Todd is the Pro-Vice Chancellor at Nottingham with responsibilty for the Faculty of Social Sciences...

Daphne Halikiopoulou

Department of Politics & International Relations

Dr Halikiopoulou is a specliast in right-wing European politics. She has written extensively on radical nationalism, the politics of exclusion as...

David Lea

Senior Analyst, Europe

David is responsible for analysis of political and security developments in Europe. He is a regular media commentator on political and security...

Catherine de Vries

Professor of Politics

Catherine has a strong commitment to unravelling some of the most important societal and political problems facing Europe today, such as the...

Patricia Harrison

Strategic Human Management

Patricia can discuss how Brexit would impact on employment law and workers' rights. Her specialist research areas are Devolvement of HR to Line...

- Euronext

Stock Exchange

Euronext is a pan-European Stock Exchange with the camera located in their La Defence office in Paris. It is available for interviews with...

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