Italian Election Experts

Italian Election Experts

Dijedon Imeri


Italy and Balkans expert

Dr Gabriele Neher

Gaby is an expert on all matters Renaissance. She has researched the art, representation of women and architecture from that time, specifically...

Ludovico Carlino

Senior Analyst

Covers jihadism across the region, particularly in North Africa and Yemen; Islamic State ideology and Al-Qaeda competition with Islamic State...

Dr Dirk Lehmkuhl

European Politics

Dirk's teaching and research portfolio includes themes of European Integration and International Relations, including global governance,...

Professor Michael Dougan

European Law

Professor Michael Dougan specialises in EU Law, particularly EU constitutional law, the Single Market and EU welfare law. His work covers...

Dr Esin Kucuk

Lecturer in European Law

Esin's research interests lie broadly within EU law, with a particular focus on i) constitutional foundations and principles of EU law, ii)...

Josie Cox

European Markets Reporter

Josie covers European markets from the Wall Street Journal’s London bureau. Previously she worked at Thomson Reuters’ in London and Frankfurt,...

Jan Gerhard

European Senior Analyst

Jan is responsible for the analysis of the political, security, and business environment in Western Europe with a particular focus on country...

Ben Margulies

International Politics

An American from Texas, Ben’s research background is primarily in comparative politics. He can cover both US and European issues .

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